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 Hey guys

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PostSubject: Hey guys   Tue Jul 13, 2010 2:04 pm

Hey guys, my name is Paul Kokenes, I will be heading up the FEAR team.

A little about myself, I am fullblown greek, love octopus and feta cheese, and airsoft obviously. I attend NGCSU ( georgia's senior military college ) as a cadet, don't hate, as well as partake in the specialty unit offfered by the school called the Aggressor Platoon. I don't really care to write about what the Aggressors do because it takes a while but if you want to know more about that just ask me.
My airsoft team is called Dagger Unit, we will be teamed up with our brother team IC for FEAR team. Looking forward to playing with you guys and on a final note

GO USA!!!!
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Hey guys
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